Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Thing 23" Thoughts on Program

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive at first about taking this class. I am a very hands on learner and like someone to show me things first. Since this class was to be done from home, I was a little scared I would not be able to handle it. But... I learned SO MUCH! I really took charge of my own learning and found that online tutorials are really great. I learned about so many new programs and technology that I want to use with my students this year and share with other teachers. This was a perfect class for the summer because I am now loaded with tons of new ideas for the year. I would advise anyone considering to take this course. Thank you so much for offering this!

"Thing 22" Nings

Another great tool for the classroom. I love that Ning is private, easy to monitor and fun for the students. I used Ning at summer school this year as a way for students to journal about what they had learned that day. I was able to reply to their post much easier than taking home twenty journals each night. It also let the students share their thoughts with their peers, share pictures and videos of their research. I love Ning!

"Thing 21" PhotoStory

First off, I have to start by saying that I love Photo Story. I created a Photo Story with my summer school class and they loved it. I have attached the video I made of them because I don't have Internet on my laptop right now and am working from my home computer which I can not figure out how to record.

"Thing 20" Teacher Tube"

I found a video for LA with the different genres and it even had games the students could play. I didn't know there was a teacher tube. I am glad that I know about it now because last year I could never get on UTube.

"Thing 19": Web 2.0 Awards List

The site I picked front the web 2.0 awards list was "Im Cooked". "Im Cooked" is a web community for video reipe sharing. It is special because anyone, anywhere can upload videos of their recipes. This would be useful at school for cooking teachers or even in a LA classroom were the students are working on a how to project. They could create a recipe and upload their video to show the class. Also, I taught SWAP (after school) program for quick meals my students can cook at home. We could upload the video recipes and they could pull them up from home.

I would use this personally to get new recipes. I love cooking and videos make it that much easier.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Thing 18" Productivity Tools

The productivity tool that I used was open office. I used open office's version of power point this summer teaching pbl. The benefits of using open office is that it is almost identical to Microsoft and FREE! It also has some features that Microsoft doesn't. I think it is great that we have switched to these tools.

"Thing 17"

I created a rollyo search engine with the websites my student used in PbL summer school. The site is a FEMA site for kids. This is a great way to limit what students can search for. The tutorial video is so true, google has way too much information for our kids. Below is the link to my Rollyo site.